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Founded in 1994, Crest Technology Inc., helps foreign companies introduce their products and services into the Japanese market, and conversely, domestic companies to export Japanese products, by providing online and off-line documentation services in such areas as computer, network, software, Internet and various peripheral equipment.

Our Services

  1. Creating and translating World Wide Web and online/off-line documentation.

    We specialize in: Network, LAN, Radio communication, PC, Workstation, Peripheral equipment, Option module, Business application software, Product/Process management, Business management, and Hardware Descriptive Languages.

  2. Computer systems integration, consultation, and educational services.

We deliver training programs in such areas as Product/Project management and Hardware Descriptive Languages, in addition to provide consultation services for IT systems and Internet.

Company name Crest Technology, Inc.
Established July 1,1994
Paid-in capital US$ 40,000
President Fujio Kawaguchi
Address 8-28-9 Kounandai Kounan-ku, Yokohama 234-0054 Japan
Phone 81-45-307-9330
Fax 81-45-307-9338

Please call us at TEL 81-45-307-9330 or mail us at : otoiawase_2@crest-tek.com