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CREST Technology Inc.,  places number-one priority on customer satisfaction. We make every effort for the quality of our services, the delivery to our commitment and the cost of our services.

Most of our services are based on translation between English and Japanese. Unlike translation between the European languages, English - Japanese translation  is vastly dependent on human translators for professional purposes. This is because the two languages are too different to rely on the current machine translation technology. Although human translation is far superior in quality, it carries inherent dangers too; inconsistencies in the use of terms and styles and the deviations in quality between different translators. We in Crest-tek have developed TransPro, a translation environment to cope with this kind of inconsistencies, and the processes to manage and assure the quality. We also focus on information technology and its application in order to ensure the quality of our translation services.

Fujio Kawaguchi



Our Services:

  • Japanization of English WebCast contents
  • Japanization of English web site and on-line documentation
  • Japanization of English software products and related consultation
  • Translation of hard copy manuals from English to Japanese and vice-versa
  • Consultation on Internet related projects

Our Specialties:

  • Local Area Network, Inter-networking, Internet Application,
  • ERP package, Finance Application,
  • Personal Computer, Workstation, Peripheral equipment, Optional module,
  • Project/Product/Sales Management Training,
  • Measurement Instrument, Radio Communication, Rugged Environment Equipment,
  • HDL Languages, EDA tools and training,
  • Network OS,  Database Software,
  • Software Development tools,  and etc.

Please feel free to contact us at Phone: 81-45-307-9330, Fax: 81-45-307-9338, or E-mail: otoiawase_2@crest-tek.com