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Japanizing Your WebCast

Japanize your on-demand WebCast ?

WebCast is the most cost-effective means in advertising your products and services, or training/educating your customers and employees, whether it be a presentation session in an event, an introductory program for your products, or a training session for your employees. Why not use the already existing materials and convert them for Japanese to save time and money.  This way you can ensure a consistent message and quality of your original material.


Your WebCast will provably contain some kind of narration. We will translate it into fluent Japanese, record and edit it in audio format, encode it with an appropriate audio codec and then synchronize it with your slide deck etc.


PowerPoint slide can be Japanized and converted into a slide deck.


If your WebCast contains  transcripts, we can translate them  to Japanese. Or we can create Japanese transcript from your English narration, if you need one.


Encoding is a final step to convert the audio and/or video file into a streaming format. The resultant files can be hosted by a streaming server and then you can start WebCasting.

We provide comprehensive services to Japanize your WebCast content  into articulate Japanese. You provide us with a set of WebCast files; we will perform all necessary tasks mentioned above and deliver a completely Japanized files to you. You can simply publish it on your server. As an option, live testing can be added  to ensure that your site is working well.


Our quotation will be made based on the English word count and the length in time of your original content. Please contact  otoiawase_2@crest-tek.com for quotation. Our work will begin after receiving your order in response to our quote.

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