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Japanizing Your Web Site

Adding your web site in Japanese ?

You can imagine how difficult and time consuming it is for Japanese customers to read through the English web! So it's no wonder your English web site indicates low exposure by a Japanese audience. It's time to provide the Japanese version of your web site to your Japanese customers.

Capitalizing on your existing English web site.

You have invested a lot of time, energy and resources in creating your English web site. We can protect that investment by Japanizing your site with your already existing files. The whole structure of the web is transportable, with approximately 95% of the HTML flags reusable. However, the balance usually needs to be moved because of the difference in Japanese word order. Here at Crest Technology, we have all the tools necessary to keep your important HTML tags intact, while translating only language-dependent portions.

Making sure the Japanese web fully carries your message.

Because of the differences between English and Japanese language, translation is always a challenging task. At Crest Technology, our experienced specialists have the expertise to translate between English and Japanese. We focus on information technology in order to ensure the quality of your Japanized web site. Please check our list of specialties to see that they meet your requirements.

Making sure the web works.

Viewing the Japanese web is not as simple as clicking the English sites. Not only are there different Japanese coding schemes (Shift-JIS, JIS, EUC etc.), but a Japanese-version operating system (e.g. Japanese Windows) and a Japanese-version web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) are necessary just to view the web. Optionally, we can provide remote testing that accesses your web site, scrutinizes the content and tests all functionalities. We will propose necessary changes and report the test results to you.

We provide comprehensive services to convert your web site into articulate and culturally expressive Japanese. You provide us with the collection of your web files; we will translate the text, preserving all the neccesary HTML tags, and deliver a completely Japanized web pages to you.  You can simply publish them on your server. As an option, live testing can be added  to ensure that your site is working well.


Our quotation will be made based on the English word count in your original document. Please mail your files to otoiawase_2@crest-tek.com. We will submit our quotation based on your materials. Our work will begin after receiving your order in response to our quote.

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